Intellecy BluView™

The Smart Water Management System with Leak Protection

Save Water, Save Money

See all your water use on the app in real time. Identify water wasting events and abnormally high water use to save water and prevent surprisingly high water bills.

Detects leaks anywhere in the home

The whole-home smart sensor detects small leaks hidden inside the wall, pipe bursts, or leaky fixtures and notifies you on the app and the hub.

Shut off your water from anywhere

During a water leak emergency, you can shut off the water by activating the smart water valve controller via either the app or the hub’s touchpad.

Water leak insurance claims filed by homeowners annually
Average cost for a water damage insurance claim
Homeowners experience a water leak emergency daily
  • BluView detects leaks early

    BluView notifies you of any leak in the home via the smartphone app, the hub’s status light and audible alarm. 

  • BluView stops leaks quickly

    When a leak happens, activate the valve controller to shut off your water quickly and protect your home from extensive water damage.

A Smart Home System that helps you manage your water and protect your home

Smart Water Manager (“hub”)

BluView Manager
  • Measures all water used in the home in realtime
  • Learns your normal use patterns to identify your abnormal and water wasting events
  • Identifies water leaks anywhere in the home
  • Communicates a leak emergency and water use information to the app
Smart Water Sensor

Smart water sensor

Uses only one static sensor* mounted over the main supply line that continuously monitors all water flowing into the home and senses any leaks and plumbing health problems

Smartphone App

BluView App
  • See ALL your water use in real time
  • Set water saving goals and track your progress
  • Notifies you of potential plumbing problems and any leak emergency
  • Remotely activates the valve controller to shut off your water and stop your leak 

Smart water valve controller
Choose the one that’s right for you

DIY Valve Controller
Inline Valve Controller

Retrofit / DIY

  • mounts directly over your water valve
  • easy DIY installation


  • stainless steel body for enhanced durability
  • requires pro installation
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  • prevents water bill surprises

BluView prevents high water leak surprises.

Prevents high water bill surprises.