I’ve been asked several times, “Why / How did you come up with BluView?”  The quick answer is because I’ve experienced 3 major water leaks throughout my life. Each time, I was out of the house when the leak occurred so you can imagine how bad the damage was. All three times, I questioned why there wasn’t a way for me to be made aware of the leak. So as you can imagine, the development of BluView is personal.

I wanted a solution that would “see” the water leak early and let me know about it quickly. At least early and quickly enough to protect my house the widespread damage. Because I was out of the house, the water ran and ran (and ran) until I came home to find a big and expensive mess.

One time, my neighbor called me hysterically to let me know that water was flowing from under the front door. You can image how that call made me feel. Luckily I had a relative who lived nearby and was able to come over to shut off my water main. Needless to say, I came home to lots of damage. My wood floors were warped, the carpeting was a giant soon-to-be-moldy wet sponge and all my wooden furniture was trashed. 

The second water leak happened while out doing some Christmas shopping. I was out all day shopping and getting in a real festive holiday mood. Unfortunately that mood quickly changed when I got home to the worst Christmas present ever…an inch of water on the bathroom floor that had also spread to the two adjacent bedrooms.

The last one was not so eventful. After a long day of work, I came home intenting to enjoy a good meal and relax while watching a ballgame on TV. Instead when I got home, I ended up looking for towels, buckets and mops because a pipe in my kitchen had burst. I then spent the next two hours cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. The end of my day was capped off by indigestion and watching the ballgame highlights on the news.

There are countless numbers of water leak stories like mine where people have lost furniture, electronics, clothing and those priceless pictures, keepsakes and heirlooms.

My mishaps led me to search for a solution that would have prevented the unpleasant messes and expensive losses. I only found moisture contact sensors. I saw that these sensors work very well but only do part of the job. To be effective, they to be placed at the “correct” spot to come in contact with the water. I thought that these limited systems were better than nothing. But because 95% of the plumbing is hidden in the wall, I knew something was missing. 

I had previously worked at a technology company that used sensors to detect problems with machinery and motors. I hypothesized that we could apply that technology as the foundation to detect water. I met with some former colleagues and we were a go.

I want to remind you that BluView is more than just a water leak detection device. 

The second reason for developing the product is in response to water scarcity and high water bills. About 1/3 of the earth’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. The bottom line is clean drinking water is not guaranteed. I believe we should all do our part to save our most precious resource, water!

We need to stop wasting water and BluView will help you do that. BluView’s water management tools will help you manage your water use, reduce your water consumption and lower your bill.

Water leaks and the inability to manage water use is what has driven both Joost and I to produce the Intellecy BluView.

Our product, BluView, detects and stops water leaks early. But equally important, it’ll help the homeowner set, monitor and act on reducing their water footprint to save water and save money. 

I am proud of our team and what we have created. It will help me to never have to deal with the messes, damages and losses that I had previously dealt with. It makes me even more proud to know of all the homes we protect and all the millions of gallons that will be saved.

Emilio Vargas II
Intellecy CEO


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