Intellecy Sales Channel Partner Program

We are committed to a Sales Channel Partner Program that is mutually beneficial and makes good business sense for both Intellecy and our partners.

Expand your earning potential: 

As one of the most reliable and innovative smart home product producer, our products can help you reach a new market and grow your existing markets.

Gain flexibility through a non-exclusive agreement: 

Intellecy doesn’t restrict what other products our partners can resell, install or service.

Customer Rating:

Your company will receive ratings by customers to help you enhance your brand, and promote your business.

Lead Generation and Referrals:

Intellecy shares sales leads with our partners to help us both grow our businesses.

Channel Partner Types

Product Reseller:

Buys in volume, stocks, actively promotes, and sells designated Intellecy products.

Value-Added Reseller:

Authorized to resell designated Intellecy products. Able to provide installation, training and or level 1 support services.

Channel Partner Levels

Increase your Revenue & Profits$$$$$$$$$$
Lead Generation & Sharing****
Channel Marketing****
Technical Support****
Partner Advisory Board Eligibility**

Are You Ready to Join Us?

If you would like to learn more before applying, email your questions to