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Media Relations and Industry Analyst Line:
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Intellecy Announces Filing of Water Management Technology Patent

Jan 30, 2019 – Intellecy Inc announced the filing of a U.S. patent application for breakthrough findings that will help monitor and manage water through a water pipe. …read more>>

Intellecy CEO Presents at the BlueTech Summit and Tech Expo

Nov 7, 2018 — Emilio Vargas, CEO of Intellecy Inc, presented the water saving benefits of the Intellecy BluView at BlueTech Summit & Tech Expo. The panel discussion entitled ‘The Circular Economy of Water’ featured discussions by 4 BlueTech executives …read more>>

Intellecy launches Smart Water Manager

Feb 7, 2017 – Intellecy today announced the launch of the Intellecy Smart Water Manager with Leak Protection, a smart home product that will help homeowners monitor for water leaks and manage water use to lower their water bill and save water. …read more>>

Intellecy joins National “Imagine A Day Without Water” Campaign

September 15, 2016 – Today, Intellecy Inc participated in Imagine a Day Without Water, an effort to educate the public about the water infrastructure crisis currently facing the United States. …read more>>

Intellecy showcases their Smart Water Meter to Kern County Council of Governments

Bakersfield, CA – Jun 21, 2016 – Emilio Vargas and Joost Boerhout from Intellecy Inc presented the Intellecy Smart Water Meter to the Kern County Council of Governments. They explained how the new Smart Water Meter is able to manage a home’s water use and help save water.  …read more>>

Intellecy Launches Leak Detection Services for Water Mains and Fuel Pipelines
San Diego, CA – Jan 28 2016 – Intellecy Inc today announced its detection service for leak detection and the detection of underground water mains and fuel pipelines.  The service will help find pipes buried underground and detect leaks early before the pipe ruptures.  …read more>>
Intellecy to Advance the Smarthome Industry
San Diego, CA – Oct 12 2015 – Intellecy Inc today announced the successful advancements in their water leak detection and water management technology.  The new technology will enable users to mange their water to save water and money on their water bills. The system will detect a water leak  in any part of the home’s plumbing.
Two New Members Named to Intellecy’s Executive Team
San Diego, CA – Sep 15 2015 – Intellecy Inc today announced the selection of Emilio Vargas as CEO and Joost Boerhout as CTO and Executive Vice President.  

Customers Speak Out

Thank you for your assistance on that water leak problem. You saved us a lot of money. That’s a good thing.

Mayor Jennifer Wood, California City
I’ve been trying to figure out how to lower my water bill. Knowing where I’m using too much water will help me save water and lower my water bills.