The Military and Veteran Appreciation Discount is for ALL US Active, Reserve and National Guard Military and Veterans.

We want to demonstrate our appreciation to you by offering you a $100 Military and Veteran Appreciation Discount. We want all of you to understand that we appreciate your service.

How can you take advantage of this

  1. Just send us an email requesting your discount code from your .mil account.
  2. If you do not have a .mil email then email us a copy of your LES, DD214, or VA ID card.
    Note: if sending us an ID, LES, or 214 please blacken out your Social Security Number and any other personal information. We will safeguard your email and will not use it for anything else.

We will send you the Military and Veteran Appreciation Discount code via email.

Send your email to to receive the discount code. 

With the highest respect and sincere appreciation,

Emilio Vargas II
Intellecy CEO & cofounder