Any real Smart Water Meter pays for itself. Why? Because a smart water meter should be able to detect abnormal conditions including a leak and letting the home owner know about the leak early. Early enough to keep the water from spreading and minimizing the amount of damage.

Did you know that almost 1 in 2 homes ( a bit over 40% to be clear) have had a water leak damage insurance claim? Every day there are over 14,000 claims made for water leaks. With homes getting older and the rush to finish new homes faster, water damage has become the most frequent cause of insurance claims. See chart below. Plumbing joints will fail either early because of poor workmanship or later because of fluctuating water pressure and particles wearing away at the pipe. 

Cause of Loss (2014)% of  claims
Water Damage34%

Source:   Insurance Information Institute

Smart water meter pays for itself because of a leak like this

Water is very destructive. Leaks not only damages your property, it can destroy your memories and can affect your health. Two ways that it affects your health: 1) mold that may form in as little as 24 hours and 2) stress if you loose important things or have to move out of your home while its being repaired.

An equally important feature that a smart water meter should deliver is water savings. Prices for drinking water have been continually increasing. Increasing demand for water and increasing maintenance costs of water infrastructure are to blame. With water prices steadily increasing at an average of 6%, the need to reduce water use and save is ever present.

So a smart water meter pays for itself when it can catch leaks and help homeowners conserve water to lower their water bill.

Now for our shameless plug that is exactly what the Intellecy BluView does.

Sources:   USGS, USA Today,  Circle of Blue