One of the key features of the BluView Smart Water Management System is its ability to detect a leak and stop the leak early.

Did you know that the average water leak insurance claim is approximately $9,000. Almost 1 in 2 homes (a bit over 40% to be clear) have had an insurance claim because of a water leak. Every day there are over 14,000 claims made for water leaks. With homes getting older and the rush to finish new homes faster, water damage has become the most frequent cause of insurance claims.  

Cause of Loss (2014) % of  claims
Water Damage 34%
Wind 27%
Fire 26%
Theft 2.5%

Source:   Insurance Information Institute

Plumbing fails for 3 reasons:

  1. joints fail because of poor workmanship
  2. fluctuating water pressure weaken joints and stress pipe walls
  3. water disinfectants and particles degrade the pipe.

Smart water meter pays for itself because of a leak like this

Water is very destructive. Leaks damage your property, destroy your memories and can affect your health by causing mold (and stress).

An equally important benefit that BluView delivers is water savings. Prices for drinking water have been continually increasing. Increasing demand for water and increasing maintenance costs of water infrastructure are the cause. With water prices steadily increasing at an average of 6%, the need to reduce water use and save is ever present. BluView’s water saving features can help you save between 10% and 20% on water. The real time water management helps you monitor your use closely and see when you are wasting and overusing water. 

BluView helps you save

Thus BluView is a smart water management system that pays for itself in two ways:

  1. when it catches and stops your leak early;
  2. when it helps track how well you are doing at conserving water and reducing your water waste.

Sources:   USGS, USA Today,  Circle of Blue

written by:
Emilio Vargas II