Intellecy launches Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection

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Intellecy launches Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection

San Diego, CA – Feb 7, 2017  Intellecy today announced the launch of the Intellecy Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection, a smart home product that will help homeowners monitor for water leaks and manage water use to lower their water bill and save water. The Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection made its debut today on Kickstarter.

It helps protect against water damage and high water bills

The Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection monitors for water leaks and alerts the homeowner when a leak is detected whether small and hidden inside the wall or an all out pipe burst. 

It helps homeowners track the amount of water used, as the water is being used. By knowing how much water is being used as you use it, the Intellecy Meter helps the homeowner reduce water waste, such as long showers or a stuck toilet flapper.  This contributes to lowering their water bill and conserving our most essential resource, water.  

Installation is simple and easy as you only have to mount the sensor on the main water pipe; making it a DIY install with no pipe cutting or plumbing skills needed.

Water leak damages and dangers

“Small leaks can go undetected for days, weeks and even months, before you notice the wet spot on the wall”, said Emilio Vargas, Intellecy CEO.  “Some small leaks will actually repair themselves as the minerals in the water seal the hole. When a small leak is hidden inside the wall, the trapped moisture turns to mold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. This health risk remains causing sneezing, coughing, rashes and unexplained chronic symptoms. The equally damaging pipe burst is more visible and easier to realize. But how about if you are not home. Our system will notify the homeowner or leaks and overuse anywhere 24/7 via the smartphone app, the system panel, text and email.”

About Intellecy Inc

Intellecy Inc, based in San Diego CA, is a producer of intelligent smart home products.  We provide innovative and easy-to-use technology that improves the smart home living experience.  Intellecy’s goal is to change the smarts in smart homes and improve the way our customers enjoy their homes.  We are creating the Home-Smart-HomeTM
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