Intellecy BluView™ 

BluView empowers you to take control of your water bill, save water and protect your home against damaging water leaks.

  • BluView detects a water leak anywhere in your home

    BluView detects any leak, big or small, in your home and notifies you quickly via your smartphone app, the hub’s status light and the audible alarm. 

  • Stop a leak quickly to prevent widespread damage

    When a leak happens, you can remotely shut off your water from the app to protect your home from extensive water damage.

Water leak insurance claims filed by homeowners annually
Average cost for a water damage insurance claim
Homeowners experience a water leak emergency daily
See abnormally high water use to prevent high water bills

See high water use early and reduce your use to avoid high water bills.

BluView alerts you of abnormally high water use in progress so you can prevent water bill surprises.

Easily set a water savings budget and see your savings

Set your water saving budget and track how well you are doing on the BluView app.

Receive early alerts on your smart phone when you are going to exceed your water budget.

BluView helps you save water and prevents surprisingly high water bills.

Take control of your water bill, manage your savings, and protect against damaging water leaks

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