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Intellecy seeks Manufacturer’s Representative:

Intellecy seeks professionals to fill the role of Manufacturer's Representatives that will bring in new sales channel partners and drive sales in the consumer electronics and insurance industries. We are looking for individuals and companies that have a network and expertise in sales. We are offering high, commission-based compensation to reward hard work and commitment. If you are a individual/ sole proprietor, there is room for growth into other responsibilities. We have channels and territories available in [...]

Intellecy Featured on Forbes: “Plumbing Sensor That Listens For Leaks Can Pre-empt Emergencies, Conserve Water”

By Heather L. Whitley, Senior Writer and Digital Producer, Forbes People waste it and fight over it, while globally more than 840 million still struggle to even get access to it. BluView detects when these signals fluctuate and alerts homeowners of potential leaks via their smartphones. ISTOCK In the United States, 40 of the country’s 50 states are expected to suffer water shortages by 2023. Meanwhile, household leaks are wasting 900 billion gallons of water annually nationwide. [...]

Military & Veteran Appreciation Discount

The Military and Veteran Appreciation Discount is for ALL US Active, Reserve and National Guard Military and Veterans. We want to demonstrate our appreciation to you by offering you a $100 Military and Veteran Appreciation Discount. We want all of you to understand that we appreciate your service. How can you take advantage of this Just send us an email requesting your discount code from your .mil account. If you do not have a .mil email then [...]

The Story: ‘Why the Product’

I've been asked several times, "Why / How did you come up with BluView?"  The quick answer is because I've experienced 3 major water leaks throughout my life. Each time, I was out of the house when the leak occurred so you can imagine how bad the damage was. All three times, I questioned why there wasn't a way for me to be made aware of the leak. So as you can imagine, the development of BluView is personal. [...]

The Intellecy Smart Water Management System pays for itself

One of the key features of the BluView Smart Water Management System is its ability to detect a leak and stop the leak early. Did you know that the average water leak insurance claim is approximately $9,000. Almost 1 in 2 homes (a bit over 40% to be clear) have had an insurance claim because of a water leak. Every day there are over 14,000 claims made for water leaks. With homes getting older and the rush [...]


What to do if you suspect a leak between your meter and home (water service line leak)

It is estimated that about 20% of homes have a main service line leak between the water meter in the street and the home. Short run pipes between the home and meter are just as susceptible to leaks as long run pipes. So don't be swayed by the distance between [...]

Here Are The Most Common Ways You’re Wasting Water That Cost You More Than You Think

Keeping an eye on your water usage is a good way to save money and help the planet at the same time. Plenty of us have bad habits that could be costing us hundreds of dollars in water bills over the long run. Here are a few ways that you [...]

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What exactly is a ‘smart’ device anyway?

March 15th, 2019|

Not too long ago, maybe you remember, most at-home tasks were done by hand. From vacuuming the carpet and cooking dinner to turning on the lights and adjusting the temperature in the room, all the day-to-day domestic [...]

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