BluView FAQs

BluView’s sensor is mounted directly over the main water supply line inside the home.

Installation of the sensor, manager and retrofit water valve controller is completely DIY since there are no special tools, permits or pipe cutting needed.

All water flow information is sent to hub for storage and analysis. 

All use information is sent to the app for you to view. You can set conservation goals and have the app alert you when you are about to exceed your daily use limit. 

You can track your water use and savings in realtime on the app. 

      1. time of water use,
      2. duration of water use,
      3. volume of water use

When a water leak emergency occurs, you’ll know about it and be able to stop it from the app.

The app (and the hub) can activate the valve controller to turn off your water quickly.

You can set water saving and conservation goals and track your hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly progress.


Our technology is designed to work anywhere in the world. 

Water measurements are available in imperial and metric units. Set your preferences to which ever unit of measure you need.

Power specifications:
110-240 Volts AC; 50/60 Hertz

The water valve controller enables you to turn off your water remotely when a leak occurs. 

We offer two versions of the valve controller:

    1. Retrofit is mounted directly over your existing water shutoff valve. It’s completely do-it-yourself (DIY). There is no need to cut the pipes.DIY Valve Controller
    2. Inline does require professional install as the pipe needs to be cut. The Inline version is a valve system complete with its own ball valve that made of stainless steel for longer-life and is maintenance free.

      The Inline Controller requires professional installation as the pipe needs to be cut. 

Note: The motor that drives both controllers is intended for interior use only.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1. download the Intellecy app to your smartphone.

2. plug the Water Manager to the power outlet and connect it to your WIFI 

3. clamp the sensor over your main water pipe (no pipe cutting needed) and connect the sensor cable to the Water Manager. 

4. install the valve controller and connect it to the Water Manager

The sensor takes less than 2 inches (5 cm) of surface area on the water pipe.

Locate your water utility’s meter which is normally close to the edge of your property line. The service line from the water meter usually follows a straight line to your home.

Locate the entry point inside your home which can be in the garage, basement or what ever point is directly in line with the meter.

Now that you have found the water supply line on the inside of your home, select a spot on the pipe to install the sensor over the pipe.home water main

DIY valve controller:

NPS (nominal pipe size) DN (diameter nominal)
1 1/4″
1 1/2″

Inline valve controller: 

NPS (nominal pipe size) DN (diameter nominal)

The water sensor must be installed on the main water supply line inside the home before the first T-coupling (fitting) that redirects the plumbing in two or more directions. 

Tee Coupling

T coupling