BluView FAQs


BluView’s sensor is mounted directly over the main water line inside the home.

Installation of the sensor, manager and retrofit water valve controller is completely DIY since there are no special tools, permits or pipe cutting needed.

Sensing technology

The sensor uses acoustic, temperature and VEE™ technology to detect water flow. The sensor sends all water flow information via a data cable to the water manager where it is analyzed and stored.

Detailed real time water information

BluView learns your water use tendencies and patterns. It also will baseline your plumbing’s health and monitor its condition.

The system continually monitors for water flow and analyzes all signals to determine the following:

      1. time of water use,
      2. duration of water use,
      3. volume of water use
      4. and any unique signals emitted by the plumbing fixtures (ie, water heater, pressure regulator, etc). 
Save water, lower your bill

You can view your real-time water use information and savings on the smartphone app.

You can set water saving and conservation goals and track your hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

Leak protection

BluView is a whole home leak detection and protection system. If a leak occurs, you’ll receive a leak notification on both the manager and app. You can then turn off the water from either the manager or app from anywhere at any time.

The light provides the current status of the BluView System.

Normal Operation

Blue: water flowing
White: system monitoring for water flow and problems

Alert Status

Yellow: communication to server or WiFi down
Red: leak detected

The Status Window is also a touch pad that allows you to acknowledge an alert status.

Activate the water valve
The most important function of the touchpad is to activate the motorized water valve controller. It can turn the water on and off just like the app.  

Remember its a touch pad so no need to press hard. 

The app is a key part of the BluView System and is included with the purchase of the product at no additional charge.


Our technology is designed to work anywhere in the world. 

Water measurements are available in imperial and metric units. Set your preferences to which ever unit of measure you need.

Power specifications:
110-240 Volts AC; 50/60 Hertz

If a leak, unusual water use or some other problem occurs, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone app and on the Water Manager’s Status Window.

See FAQ “What does the light on the Water Manager do?”

Absolutely YES!

Leak detection is a key part of the BluView system and it comes at no additional charge. We’ll alert you and all your authorized users when a leak is detected. 

More importantly, your ability to shut off your water from anywhere at anytime (leak protection) is also included at no additional charge. 

BluView’s whole-home sensor is a static sensor. A static sensor has no moving parts.

Unlike mechanical water sensors (ie your water utility’s meter) that uses flowing water to move the sensor to measure water, the Intellecy Sensor sits atop the pipe so NO PIPE CUTTING is required.

Additionally not having any moving parts helps to maintain a more consistent reading over time. There are no moving parts that eventually degrade and fail.

The water valve controller enables you to turn off your water remotely when a leak occurs. 

We offer two versions of the valve controller:

    1. Retrofit is mounted directly over your existing water shutoff valve. It’s completely do-it-yourself (DIY). There is no need to cut the pipes.
    2. Inline does require professional install as the pipe needs to be cut. The Inline version is a valve system complete with its own ball valve that made of stainless steel for longer-life and is maintenance free.
      The Inline Controller requires professional installation as the pipe needs to be cut. 

Note: The motor that drives both controllers is intended for interior use only.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1. download the Intellecy app to your smartphone.

2. plug the Water Manager to the power outlet and connect it to your WIFI 

3. clamp the sensor over your main water pipe (no pipe cutting needed) and connect the sensor cable to the Water Manager. 

4. install the valve controller and connect it to the Water Manager

The sensor takes less than 2 inches (5 cm) of surface area on the water pipe.

The water sensor must be installed on the main water supply line inside the home before the first coupling (fitting) that redirects the plumbing in two or more directions. 

Here is the most common coupling used to “split” water flow into two or more pipes.

Tee Coupling

There are two ways to silence the alarm.

1. On the Water Manager, touch and hold the Status Window until the alarm is silenced.

2. On the app, tap the valve controller icon (see below) until you will see the icon move to the closed position.

valve icon

There are 3 cables: 

    1. sensor’s data cable,
    2. Valve controller activation cable
    3. Water Manager’s power cable

Using cables ensures that the system will continue to monitor, analyze water use and detect leaks when your WiFi is down.

We are continually monitoring for water flow and plumbing problems. This results it lots of data to be collected by the sensor and transmitted to the Smart Water Manager.

We don’t want to slow down your WiFi network or miss any important information. 

All three cables are 13ft (4 meters) which gives you the flexibility to install the Manager in a visible location and the sensor in an accessible location.

DIY valve controller:

NPS (nominal pipe size)DN (diameter nominal)
1 1/4″
1 1/2″

Inline valve controller: 

NPS (nominal pipe size)DN (diameter nominal)

BluView is currently available in English and Spanish.

More to come.

Intellecy offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from the Intellecy, you can return it within 30 days of shipment for a full product refund.

To initiate a refund and to arrange for the return of the product, please contact Intellecy support.

See Warranty for more information

Your investment in the Intellecy BluView™ is supported by an industry leading 2 year warranty.

See the Limited Warranty for complete details.

The length of your Intellecy product hardware warranty is the same if you purchased your products from the Intellecy online store or from one of our partners or resellers.


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