14 Predictions For The Future Of Smart Home Technology

POST WRITTEN BY Forbes Technology Council Successful CIOs, CTOs & executives from Forbes Technology Council offer firsthand insights on smart home technology & business. A decade ago, the idea of controlling your home's thermostat, lights and security systems remotely via smartphone would have seemed like futuristic science fiction. But 2017 proved to be the year of the smart home. Technology [...]

Hack your coffee maker to start brewing the moment you wake up

by Taylor Martin Coffee makers like the Keurig have had the ability to power on and begin heating the water on a set schedule for years now. It's incredibly convenient to wake up to hot water, pop in a pod, push a button and have hot, brewed coffee in a minute or less. But what [...]

How many household chores can you automate right now?

by David Priest  @david_p_priest  April 20, 2017  Ever since the first washing machine was invented over two centuries ago, we've been trying to get out of doing our chores. And now, thanks to lazy people-turned-tech-developers, we're halfway there. Robot vacuums roam thousands of homes, and it seems like you'll be able to avoid almost all your [...]

Promote healthier eating by meal planning

By MARY ANN LIENHART-CROSS Columnist As I have been presenting programs and participated in meetings I have been a part of conversations asking, “What are you making for dinner?” This often leads to a variety of conversations and comments. This question provides me with the opportunity to talk about meal planning and all of the [...]

What to Look for in Your Meal-Planning Service

By Wellness Team You’ve seen them advertised. Your friends have tried them. Are you ready to have planned meal kits delivered to your door? It’s wise to do your homework first, says wellness dietitian Beth Bluestone, RD, LD. Here, she answers four questions about the services: 1. Are meal-planning services worthwhile? If you’ve been relying on fast [...]

The Smart Kitchen: The Next Big Hope for the Internet of Things

By Jennifer Tuohy The Internet of Things is a boon for businesses striving to be more sustainable, but at-home IOT is exhibiting worrying signs of stalling. Industry analyst Jan Dawson summed up many people’s concerns when he said the smart home market seems perennially stuck in the early-adopter phase. He noted some exceptions, and most of them (such [...]

Family Meal Planning 101. Great tips that will help your family save time, money, and eat healthy.

Source: Fix.com Blog  By: Abby Quillen Wandering the grocery store aimlessly can cost you. Consumers spend 40 percent more on impulse purchases when they shop without a list, according to Kansas State Extension Service.1 And far too much of that food is probably wasted. The average American family throws out 25 percent of the food they purchase. For a [...]