Military Appreciation Discount

The Military Appreciation Discount is for ALL US Veterans Whether you're active, reserve, national guard, retired or an honorably discharged Veteran, we want to demonstrate our appreciation to you by offering you a 25% Military Appreciation discount on your complete order.  We want all Veterans to understand that we appreciate your service. Just send us [...]

Intellecy in Forbes: “Plumbing Sensor That Listens For Leaks Can Pre-empt Emergencies, Conserve Water”

By Heather L. Whitley, Senior Writer and Digital Producer, Forbes People waste it and fight over it, while globally more than 840 million still struggle to even get access to it. BluView detects when these signals fluctuate and alerts homeowners of potential leaks via their smartphones. ISTOCK In the United States, 40 of the country’s [...]

Join Intellecy LIVE on YouTube April 18, 2018 at 1130AM Pacific Time

Join Intellecy, LIVE on YouTube! April 18, 2018 at 1130AM Pacific Time Cofounder / CEO Emilio Vargas and cofounder / CTO Joost Boerhout will provide an update on BluView - The Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection. You do not want to miss this.  In addition to the update they'll also answer questions from Twitter [...]

Checklist for home plumbing maintenance

In response to the many requests, we have put together this plumbing maintenance checklist to help you identify and avoid potential problems with your home's plumbing. Print it out, download it or bookmark it. Also be sure to check our podcast for the 3 part series on home maintenance. Plumbing maintenance - scheduled: Where is [...]

Emilio’s personal story behind the product

I have experienced a major water leak 3 times in my life. Each time, I wished there would have been a way for me to know of the leak. All three times I was out of the house when the leak occurred so you can imagine how bad the damage was. So the development of BluView [...]

The Intellecy Smart Water Meter pays for itself

Any real Smart Water Meter pays for itself. Why? Because a smart water meter should be able to detect abnormal conditions including a leak and letting the home owner know about the leak early. Early enough to keep the water from spreading and minimizing the amount of damage. Did you know that almost 1 in [...]