Intellecy BluView™

Introducing the Intellecy BluView – 

The Smart Water System with Leak Protection

  • Helps you manage your water use

  • Protects your home against damaging water leaks

detects water leaks ; water management

Imagine a leak happens and you’re away from home.

When no one is using water, water pressure builds. Over time, the fluctuating water pressure weakens pipes and joints, even new ones. That is why about 1 in 2 homes, new or old, will experience a damaging water leak.

With BluView, know about a leak quickly and early.

When a leak happens, you’ll immediately receive an alert on your smartphone app, the smart water manager, text and email. In AWAY mode the smart water meter is placed in a “hyper-vigilant” mode so any running water triggers an immediate notification.

BluView enables you to stop the leak from anywhere anytime.

With the motorized water valve, you can quickly turn off your water and stop the leak directly from your smartphone from anywhere at anytime.


smart water meter

Motorized Water Valve


When a leaks happens you can stop it from ANYWHERE 24/7

The motorized water shut-off valve allows you to turn off your water as soon as a leak is detected from anywhere at anytime.

You’ll have peace of mind

Whether you are home or away, you can shut-off your water and stop the leak early enough to prevent widespread and extensive damage.

  • track your water in real time

  • save water

  • lower your water bill

Manage your water as you go

Set and track your personalized conservation goals to save water and manage your water bill.

Know of abnormally high water use and water wasting events in real time

Prevent high water bills by knowing how much water you’re wasting early enough to do something about it.

You’ll be notified when you are using more water than normal.

Save water, save money.

Protect your home against water leaks

Your home is protected against burglars, CO2, fire … what if a pipe bursts and you’re not home?

Is a hidden leak causing mold inside the walls of your home?

Manage your water use, manage your bill

Is your water bill getting out of control? Are your water rates increasing?

Is saving water important to you?

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