About Us

our mission drives us

Our mission is to improve the smarthome living experience with intelligent, innovative and easy-to-use technology products and support services to change the way our customers enjoy their homes.

our goal

Intellecy is a producer of intelligent smart home products.  Our goal is to change the smarts in smart home products.  We are making smart products that are intelligent, add more efficiency and ease to our customers’ lives.

why intellecy

Many smart home products only add remote access to an on-off button or add unnecessary steps to doing tasks. Whether you are young or old, a techie or a working pro, we have listened to your demands.

We’re continually striving to improve our customers’ way of life by adding intelligence and efficiency to automated technology.  As sticklers for quality, we’re making better, more intelligent smart home products. 

Our products are bringing back the feeling of home-sweet-home, in fact we are taking it to a higher level … home-intelligent-home™.

Intellecy is a Member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions