About Intellecy

who is Intellecy

Intellecy is a San Diego, California based smart tech producer of water saving solutions. We’re continually striving to improve our customers’ way of life by adding intelligence and efficiency to purposeful technology. We aim to make better, more intelligent smart products that save water globally.

our mission drives us

The Intellecy mission is to help solve the global water problem with intelligent, innovative and simple-to-use water technology products and support services that help users manage their water and reduce their water waste.

our commitment to the planet

We’re committed to making a positive environmental global impact. We want to enable everyone, not just our consumers, to reduce their water footprint. These two initiatives are the beginnings of our positive environmental impact commitment.

Executive Team

Emilio Vargas

Emilio Vargas II
cofounder, CEO / President

Johannes "Joost" Boerhout

Johannes “Joost” I. Boerhout
cofounder, CTO / Executive VP

Board of Advisors

Bryon Bjorndal


Assure Controls Inc

Dan Bradley

Chief Executive Officer 


Keith Hartsfield

Executive Vice President
and Chief Product Officer